The Boutique Show

The Boutique Show is Fiera di Vicenza’s innovative concept, the result of a meticolous, worldwide study into new jewellery production and distribution scenarios.
The Boutique Show will meet the most dynamic needs of the international markets improving a better interaction with the offer.
The Boutique Show is a new strategic developing model in the global Exhibitions panorama and will become the future.
The Boutique Show is based on a value system characterising the exhibition format with a contemporary imprinting which leads buyers, retailers, distribution chains and concept stores in their buying trails.


The origin of the Boutique Show concept comes from a match between the offer and the demand bringing the creation of homogeneous Communities in terms of values, market positioning, organising systems, production process and brand image. In the new concept the companies will benefi t from being able to promote their distinctive features in a coordinated structure.


To facilitate production and distribution matching by creating authentic company Communities able to meet, with their own distinctive market and product positioning, the most sophisticated needs of the global demand. To provide retailers with a more effi cient and speedy product selection means based on clear buying trails.
To inform and inspire international demand on the latest and future trends in jewellery facilitating the integration of the companies’ selection with the most innovative products in the market.

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