—The free Fair—

The city asked the Veneto regional government to set up a free fair to better the serious economic situation that had worsened through the 16th and 17th centuries. The government granted the request and the Fair was held in Paizza dei Signori until 1705 when it was extended into Piazza Biave.


—The Grand Opening—

The Beginning of a Great Story

In 1946 it was inaugurated the Trade Fair in the new pavilions of the Fiera di Vicenza at Giardini Salvi. It were renewing public buildings, it were built new structures for the city, it were born new residential neighborhoods.


—The National Fair—

After the war he estimated about 80 percent of damage on productivity compared to the beginning of the war in 45 'was brave the first post-war exhibition, the 46' was also the year of the first exhibition of the modern era; But the issue that really relaunched the economy Vicenza was that of 1947.


—Vicenza Fair—

This is a pivotal year in the history of Vicenza inspiration in the Vicenza Fair, a brand that is the strong desire to ensure stable administration of the Fair, will be present at even the president Alcide De Gasperi.


—The year of wool and ceramics—

It was the year in which Wool and Ceramic production were the most prominent and a portable pavilion was assembled for the occasion outside the traditional Salvi gardens location. This was also the year that a high fashion show took place at the Teatro Olimpico to enhance the wonderful craftsmanship of our tailors.


—Fiera di Vicenza—

The representatives of high-end jewellery and the world of diamonds have chosen Vicenza as the location for the 1952 edition of their annual meeting choosing VICENZAORO as an ideal shop window and meeting place. There is full calendar of important technical meetings that will deal with the current themes of the world of jewellery and diamonds together with a range of enjoyable cultural and social events. The central themes of both events point towards the implementation and development of methodologies related to corporate Social Responsibility in the diamond production process through the Kimberley Process and in world jewellery.


—The 1st Event in Goldsmith and Silver—

After agriculture, pottery, wool and fashion comes the fair Gold, who by this time become the spearhead of Fairs in Vicenza.


—The Fair engine of the economy—

These are the years 60 'the period of the greatest economic boom in Italy and the Vicenza Fair is one prime example. The national jewelry exports grew by 40% from 1954 to 1964, taking first place in the world. Germany and the United States sells abroad and our country, but in fact re-export mostly jewelry made in Italy. At the fair of 65 'the value of gold and jewels exposed EUR 5 billion.


—The new structure—

It is the year in which the fair leaves the historic site of the garden Salvi and inaugurated the new structure, called the Aztec temple. The work lasted two years, the Vicenza Fair was ready for new goals were already six exhibitions that year, two goldsmiths.


—VicenzaOro Magazine—

After years of success for the Show Goldsmith, Jewelry and Silverware, born Vicenzaoro, to give space and voice to the goldsmiths, who can be known not only through the exhibition stands. It was the year in which the first issue of Vicenzaoro Magazine. Vicenzaoro becomes a magnifying glass on a sector that increasingly demands to be represented and recognized.


—50 years—

It was a milestone birthday this, a time of budget for all exhibitions hosted over the years and also to celebrate the courage that he had looked to the future .To celebrate the event was organized a major exhibition on gold production of Manzù.


—The new pavillion—

More space for Gold

A new construction to mark the start of significant expansion and harmonisation of Fiera di Vicenza and its Fair Venue Space. A project that aims at exploiting performance and competitiveness to reaffirm Fiera as one of the world’s top reference points.


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