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The Design Room

The Design Room is an exclusive area inside ICON district at Pavillion7 of VICENZAORO dedicated to experimentation in contemporary jewellery. Designers from around the world will present innovative works; unique pieces to be worn and desired.
The exhibitors presented at The Design Room share the unique ability to translate their vision of reality through personal aesthetics, using refined combinations of gemstones, and curious minimal geometries as expressions of strength and elegance. The Design Room will be the place where to discover the new market trends and to find exclusive and original pieces.

Aida Bergsen

Based in Istanbul, sculptor and jeweler Aida Bergsen creates collections with different themes that reflect traces of her hometown and its multi-layered cultural fibre. She draws inspiration from mainly mythological heroes, organic forms found in nature and human anatomy. Each of her wearable sculptures is meticulously crafted on wax then transformed into metal, resulting in timeless objects. Today her collections may be found in galleries and retailers in Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Dallas, Moscow and New York. She was awarded as 1st Runner-up at Couture Show Design Awards in 2011, 2014 and 2017.


AKILLIS creates vibrant jewellery collections, fusing traditional techniques with strong modern styles.
Exquisitely crafted in Akillis’ French workshops, every piece radiates its own personal appeal, free from all convention. The AKILLIS range is an adrenaline-charged burst of creativity, allowing both women and men to express their personal style. The brand’s iconic pieces are talismans from the “AK and Bang Bang” Collection for those who live life in the fast lane. The “Capture Me” Collection, on the other hand, with its seductive geometric designs, offers a modern take on love, complete with its complexities, intensity and desire.

Alessa Jewelry

The Alessa Jewelry brand was generated by a labour of love, when young couple Yuvraj Pahuja and Alessandra Robles met and studied together at the Gemological Institute of America. In 2009, synergy and creativity merged to create Alessa Jewelry: a modern, vibrant, contemporary and edgy fine jewelry brand. The Brand collection pieces are masterfully designed and crafted with close attention to detail, utilizing hand selected precious stones and raw materials from around the world. Alessa combines technical mastery to create original, timeless designs, like “Amara Collection”, “Paradise Collection” or “Clique Collection”.

Bea Bongiasca

Inspiration for Bea Bongiasca creations comes from a fascination for Asia. Bea fuses visual languages and knowledge acquired during her travels with her deep passion for pop culture and its western style. The collections, entirely hand-made in Italy, are conceived as a form of art and this vision is fundamental in the design stage. Even in the new Floricultural Collection, Bea gives in to her love for Eastern aesthetics and cultures by drawing on Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers.

Bia Tambelli

The story of young, Brazilian designer Bia Tambelli stems from a love for precious stones and art. Bia's mission is to create jewellery that, through the energy and power it emanates, teaches devotion and altruistic love, crucial elements for everyone's spiritual growth. The symbolic value of stones permeates all of Bia Tambelli's creative work. Every item is pure balance in the shape, colour and evocative value of the stones themselves. The Portal and Arpia collections express constant symbolic research that unites with Bia's skilful craftsmanship and talent.

Federica Rettore

Federica Rettore is the design force behind F. Rettore s.a.s, a high-end fine jewellery design and manufacturing firm in Milan. With a style that defies categorization, Rettore’s focus is on non-traditional, fashion-sensitive design. Many years of creative experience, coupled with relentless aesthetic research and handmade crafting, mark all of her creations, where the juxtapositions of solid and void, of transparency and opacity, of tradition and vanguard are the hallmarks of her refined artistic taste. The designs for the 2017 collection enhance the stone arrangements that offer a poetic balance of shapes and colors.

Fernando Jorge

Brazilian born jewellery designer Fernando Jorge takes inspiration from the laidback attitude and effortless sensuality of his home country. Jorge’s pieces are imbued with sensuality, energy and movement. His aesthetic is inherently Brazilian, using locally sourced gemstones and minerals detailed with his signature finish: unique cuts and the use of delicate gold snake chain. The result is distinctly sculptural jewelry that is both elegant and modern. Having gained an international media following, the designer is widely considered to be amongst the brightest emerging talents in the jewellery and fashion worlds.

Kelly Xie Fine Jewellery

Founded in Shanghai in 2013, Kelly Xie instantly established an outstanding reputation for her intricately beautiful designs and her marvelous eye for detail. As one of China’s premier jewelers Kelly has enjoyed extensive coverage by luxury media outlets and her works have been published as part of the prestigious TrendBook 2019+. Today, she is the first jeweler to represent China at “The Design Room” in VICENZAORO.
The “Flower Series” Collection comprises flowers that are famous for lending inspiration to the ancient Chinese poets. The Collection pays homage to these poets and the great Chinese culture they represent.


Magerit is a Spanish company made up of professionals whose knowledge and great expertise in the field of fine jewellery cultivates designs that stand out for their high degree of creativity and originality. Like the meaning behind the name, ‘place of many streams,’ Magerit draws inspiration from many cultures – past civilizations, themes drawn from nature, art and mythology – to create exquisite pieces of art which are as unique as the people who wear them. The Gea collection, inspired by the origin of life and the harmony of nature, was generated from an admiration for the earth as the center of all creation.

Netali Nissim

Every collection from Netali Nissim holds an innate sense of strength, power, and spirituality. The designer, who grew up in Milan, was inspired not only by the world of fashion, but by Italian and European culture, visual art, and cinema. Nissim’s elegant and glamourous bracelets, rings, and necklaces can be worn alone or layered, as they are the versatile and chic accessories for everyday style.

Noor Fares

The NOOR FARES brand was established in London in 2009. Noor Fares, creative director of the eponymous brand, has always been nomadic at heart and drawn to cultures where jewels and gemstones hold particular spiritual significance. So, armed with a taste for adventure, and an unquenchable thirst for learning and discovering everything about the unknown, she is on a mission to travel to every corner of the Earth, immersing herself into a world of unexpected beauty and discovering the symbolism of visual elements, the power of objects within subtle codes and unspoken narratives.


Qayten J.E.T. is a manifestation of avant-garde timelessness. Founded in 2010, Qayten transcends boundaries in the rich and luxurious universe of jewellery. Offering bespoke contemporary expressions of classic elegance, Qayten’s creations leads the field, not only for its beauty and imagination, but also for its fine construction. Based in Bologna, the maison follows the Italian tradition of jewellery making, infusing each piece with its Jewellery, Estetica, Technology (J.E.T) mark. Exceptional aesthetics enhance traditional craftsmanship and customized, treasured designs, revealing a new classic.

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