January 27/01/2016


Overall traffic increased by 5%, with over 35 thousand in attendance. The next date with VICENZAORO is the Dubai edition on 14-17 April 2016.

VICENZAORO January 2016 has been an extremely positive occasion, both in terms of the feedback from exhibitors, buyers, visitors, opinion leaders and trendsetters from all of the main strategic countries in the sector, and in terms of attendance, as seen in the increasing figures.


The highly refined, contemporary context, that was extremely easy to navigate, saw 19,381 buyers, and over 35 thousand visitors, for an overall traffic increase of 5%. Trade was able to see the new products from 1500 brands from 31 countries and all of Italy’s gold districts, located in the 9 pavilions of Fiera di Vicenza, and covering 29000 sqm of net surface.  To stress the increasingly international vocation of Fiera di Vicenza, is the 5% growth in the number of overseas buyers, with 8,774 from 130 countries. Italian operator numbers also increased +4.3% for a total of 10,607, a figure indicating possible recovery in the domestic market. Excellent signals have come from the technology sector, where Made in Italy represents global excellence.


When we look at buyers’ countries of origin, we can note the excellent performance of some countries in the Middle East, Egypt, Iran and the UAE, an area that is one of Made in Italy’s major partners in this sector. The trend for almost all GCC countries has also been positive. There has been strong growth in the number of operators from the USA, confirming the recovery of the American economy. The major European nations (Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Holland and Poland) also show growth, while Russia is still showing signs of a shrinking economy. Also showing increases are Israel, India, Thailand, and Australia, as well as many Latin American countries. A drop was recorded in the number of buyers from China and Hong Kong, confirming the slowdown in the Chinese economy.


Special attention was reserved to the world of technology. The event was also the occasion for the 39th T-GOLD, the most important international show dedicated to machinery and technology for use in the gold and jewellery industry, located inside the Evolution district with 133 businesses, of which 111 Italian firms.

January 25/01/2016

'Skin: the Surface of the Jewel’ opened at the Museo del Gioiello in Vicenza

“Thanks to Fiera di Vicenza's support for initiatives that do not generate business but culture", as Alba di Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery Design at Milan Polytechnic and one of Italy's top jewellery experts, said at the opening of ‘Skin: The Surface of the jewel’, the new temporary exhibition hosted at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, inside the Museo del Gioiello. The event, held last Saturday in the presence of Matteo Marzotto, President of Fiera di Vicenza, and Managing Director Corrado Facco, was attended by sector experts and guests of honour who admired the works of over 70 artists and craftsmen summoned to give their personal and original interpretation of the delicate and changing relationship between skin and jewellery. “A jewel is extraordinary and has a semantic and material complexity”, commented Cappellieri, who is also the Museum's Director, before giving the oor to Livia Tenuta, co-curator of the exhibition, who assisted her in the accurate research behind the works. An unprecedented study that, focussing on the surface, sees jewellery with a particular eye. Starting from the assumption that the rst encounter with objects, whatever their nature, is perfectly super cial, master goldsmiths, young designers and artists explored the di erent meanings and subtleties of jewellery surfaces, using artisan know-how and innovative techniques. Experimentation, tradition and creativity have brought a series of special and surprising items to life, and there is a good reason behind the brooch's practically one-jewel show. In fact, the brooch, which was originally created as a functional object, does, more than other jewellery item, allow artists to express themselves freely: mainly developed atways, it is the ideal item with which to dare in terms of dimensions and colours tones as well as to experiment with new surfaces. The exhibition is in keeping with the Vicenza trade fair company's commitment to promoting the universal culture of gold and jewellery, sectors for which its VICENZAORO Show is recognised as a global Business Hub. 

January 25/01/2016

Minimalist, technological, explorers: the new luxury consumers

Yesterday's seminar by TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting presented the latest updates on consumer trends in the jewelery market for 2016 to 2017

"Don’t call me a trendsetter, I'm just an analyst." 'Just' in this case should strictly be placed in quotation marks because Paola De Luca, creative director of Fiera di Vicenza’s think tank on luxury, the first independent Observatory of jewelry in the world, is able to decode new trends that will infiuence consumer demand for luxury in the next 18 months thanks to careful work conducted together with an international team of cool hunters. A know-how which De Luca yesterday made available to operators in the seminar "Consumer pro les update 2016-17". Here are the four megatrends - and the corresponding consumer profiles - identified by TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting. Sophisticore represents the consumer The New Thinker: the new minimalist who likes simplicity, however, a simplicity which, after a closer look, turns out to be very sophisticated. I-History identifies the pro le of the consumer The Digger (or The Retronaut) who looks back to the past to rebuild their identity. While the megatrend Geo-Luxury represents the consumer called The Geonaut: based on the desire to discover the world and get out of narrow spatial boundaries to explore faraway places. Lastly, The Illusionist, the expression of the megatrend Digital Hypnosis, is the consumer based on a strong focus on the world of technology: an "intelligent" consumer, in search of technological jewels that express his or her own personality, in an ultramodern or futuristic style.

January 24/01/2016

The ethical heart of jewellery

United in the name of an ethical and sustainable future. At VICENZAORO January 2016, Fiera di Vicenza will be stepping up its effort in terms of the development and implementation of an ethical dimension in the jewellery industry.

The Trade Fair company, which, through CIBJO (World Jewellery Confederation), was awarded by the United Nations' Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) - the first and only company of this type to be recognised by the UN for its contribution in promoting such themes as ethical trade, environmental protection, the safeguarding of the right and duty to work, traceability, health protection - has involved the most authoritative institutions in this field in the organisation of an important seminar to be held on 24th January at 11am.
Thanks to contributions from CIBJO, the Assogemme Ethical Committee, RJC – Responsible Jewellery Council, World Gold Council, Gemfields and Kering, the conference will develop an unprecedented and complete approach to CSR in the jewellery and precious metal and gem sector by dealing with various aspects: identification and definition of new ethical standards, environmental protection and attention to the industry's social impact, awareness of the laws that govern CSR, business advantages and the potential of an ethical market, the presentation of some successful institutional or company case histories.
Fiera di Vicenza's work in activating original projects and trustworthy partnerships in support of ethical responsibility along the jewellery supply chain is therefore continuing.
Moreover, this role of international and authoritative interlocutor on behalf of Corporate Social Responsibility was also highlighted last May at CIBJO's 2015 Congress by Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, UN High Representative and President of the 66th United Nations General Assembly.



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