19 - 24 January 2018

International Jewellery Show


19 - 24 January 2018

Vicenzaoro January

The leading International Gold and Jewellery Show that opens the annual international Trade Show calendar. Over 1,500 brands from 30 countries, buyers, journalists, opinion leaders and trendsetters from every corner of the world.

The Boutique Show   cerchi the boutique show
The Boutique Show
cerchi the boutique show

An innovative Italian Exhibition Group spa idea, The Boutique Show is a strategic and cutting edge development model that is new to the panorama of international exhibitions. Based on arranging supply and demand into homogeneous communities based on reference, positioning, organizational systems, production type and overall image, this coordinated structure provides companies with the best advantages for promoting their distinctive characteristics.

Why participate

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Vicenza is not only one of Italy's most important gold manufacturing Districts, it is also one of the most charming art heritage cities in Northern Italy. Known as the "City of Palladio", Vicenza is an UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its exceptional artistic and architectonic wealth.

Top News

CIBJO presents "Impact on jewellery industry of new eu conflict minerals legislation and strategies for dealing with its requirements"

At VICENZAORO, on Sunday 24th September, from 10.30 am to 1 pm,Hall 8.0, Room 8.0.6 CIBJO will be presenting an important congress on “Mineral Conflict”.


At Vicenzaoro Giovanni Ferraris celebrates winning The Couture Design Award 2017

Giovanni Ferraris celebrates winning the Couture Design Award 2017 in the Editor's Choice category with a cocktail on Monday 25 September at 5 pm in Hall 7, stand 530


At VICENZAORO the Club degli Orafi presents: “Branding to safeguard Made in Italy”

The Club degli Orafi, the independent Association that groups together leading companies in the Italian gold and jewellery industry, is back at VICENZAORO and, on Monday, 25th September (from 11 to 12 am, Hall 6 – VO Square) will be presenting the congress: “Branding to safeguard Made in Italy”.

exclusively at Vicenzaoro the “Bookrah” exhibition

“Bookrah”, which means "tomorrow" in Arabic, is a collection of 22 items of jewellery in quartz and diamonds that symbolize the mutual efforts of the young to overcome cultural and religious differences, all in the name of artistic and social commitment.



District specifically for GLOBAL BRANDS, companies that have been able to fuse traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style, thus becoming the sector's reference points. The district targets the most prestigious boutiques, commercial centres and stores in the world's largest metropolises.


District devoted to PRIVATE LABELS, companies linked to territorial organizations specialized in processing precious metals and elements that express the quality of unbranded jewellery production. The district targets traditional stores, chain stores and wholesalers.


District especially for Companies and Designers that work on research and innovative designing, uniting creative energy and experimentation in high range jewellery. The area targets commercial centres, department stores and modern and cosmopolitan concept stores.


District designed for Companies that stand out due to their technical skills and the reliability of the raw materials used. In this area, artisan workshops and manufacturing companies can meet with versatile suppliers in order to create their jewellery.


District that groups together Companies, Studios and Experts that deal in visual merchandising and packaging for gold and jewellery products. It targets retailers and producers that can come into contact with experts able to offer personalized products and solutions.


District specifically for Companies specialising in the design, production and sale of machinery and tools for the jewellery industry. In the EVOLUTION District, craftsmen and jewellery companies can meet advanced technology suppliers.


Vicenzaoro - January

Exhibitor Catalogue

Find out which gold and jewellery Companies, representing the very best of Italian "Well done", will be exhibiting at VICENZAORO SEPTEMBER in order to present their latest collections and innovations.



The world's number one forecasting service specifically for jewellery, TRENDVISION is VICENZAORO's independent observatory that specializes in jewellery trends, consumer behaviour and international luxury market progression.



The world's number one forecasting service specifically for jewellery, TRENDVISION is VICENZAORO's independent observatory that specializes in jewellery trends, consumer behaviour and international luxury market progression.


Special projects

Museo del gioiello

The Museo del Gioiello jewellery museum in Vicenza, a project promoted by Italian Exhibition Group spa in partnership with Vicenza Council, is the first in Italy and one of only a few in the world dedicated exclusively to jewellery.

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Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards
Jewellery also has its Oscars. The Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards are international prizes for the very best of contemporary jewellery assigned to various categories which include design, production, retail and communication. An important event that confirms Vicenza's central role (Vicenza is also known as the City of Palladio) as the world capital of jewellery and Italian Exhibition Group spa as a platform for jewellery know-how and innovation.

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Editorial Projects


TRENDBOOK is the most authoritative international guide in the jewellery and contemporary luxury sector with focus on fashion watches, diamonds and emerging designers. 18 months ahead of time, the guide provides an analysis of the macro-trends destined to influence market evolution and consumer decisions.

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VICENZAORO Jewels & Luxury Magazine

VO+ is the jewellery sector's leading publication which, over the last 30 years, has been writing the history of Italian and international jewellery. Nowadays, VO+ looks to the future while continuing to provide targeted and in-depth information on products, trends, emerging markets and the latest news in order to be better prepared to face the rapidly evolving business challenges.

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VicenzaOro Capsule


N.O.W. – Not Ordinary Watches is a dynamic, functional and niche area within VICENZAORO September in which brands present their latest collections and previews during a highly significant time of the year for those wanting to do their Christmas shopping. N.O.W. is a privileged showcase in which to obtain an updated and contemporary view of the world of watches. A world that is becoming increasingly more connected to jewellery, both in terms of distribution channel logic and the aesthetic values and lifestyles that watches now transmit as items of jewellery.

The design room

The Design Room, located in Hall 7 in the VICENZAORO ICON District, is a unique and exclusive experimentation and creativity area in which to discover new international market trends and to find exclusive and original items.

S.E.T. Small Equipments&Tools

S.E.T. – Small Equipments&Tools, located in Hall 2.2 at VICENZAORO, is a one-of-a-kind area specifically for small tools, software, 3D printers, moulding and small machinery, services and consultancy. S.E.T. offers real business opportunities in a strategic and fast-growing market segment to manufacturers and buyers alike (wholesalers e retailers).



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