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Small Equipment And Tools

VICENZAORO September 2017 will once again be hosting the S.E.T. Community - “Small Equipment & Tools” - , an area specifically for small tools, software, 3D printers, moulding and small machinery, services and consultancy.

A new project that began at VICENZAORO January 2017 and has now reached its second edition, aims to show how indispensable and accessible digital technology is in today’s gold and jewellery production process and the ambition of S.E.T. is to become an important reference point for the sector.

Participating in S.E.T. “Small Equipments & Tools”, a one-of-a-kind Community inside VICENZAORO will promote the very latest in cutting edge products for the sectors of reference, provides enormous business opportunities in a strategic and fast growing market segment for manufacturers and buyers alike (whether wholesalers or retailers).


Bontex is a reference Company in digital technologies for fashion textiles, product photography for e-commerce and digital asset management systems. The company's mission aims at the development and sale of high-end specialized solutions with training and assistance services, which is one of the company's main keys to its success. Bontex's focus is on business internationalization and extending its technological partnerships in order to develop and produce new software and digital systems to support visual communication.


The Fondazione Centro Produttività Veneto (CPV), S.E.T technical partner,  is a training and innovation centre that develops activities for entrepreneurs, employees, freelance professionals, the unemployed and all those who which to add to their skills. CPV offers solid answers to the search for continual improvement thanks to the activities it proposes: training courses; consultancy services on innovation, trademarks and patents, new entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility; mobility and international projects as well as fablabs on digital manufacturing.


DWS, Digital Wax Systems, is a Vicenza-based company with a long and consolidated experience in prototyping. It is now the only Italian company able to develop and produce 3D printers and systems for prototyping and rapid production using stereo-lithographic technology. The company's mission is to take 3D printing to the highest level of precision and definition, helping firms and businesses to considerably lower their costs, making them more streamlined and competitive.


Eurografite has been operating globally for several years providing precious metal casting products and accessories for the jewellery and silverware industry. Thanks to its continuous efforts in developing new solutions and its experience and knowledge of casting, Eurografite is a reliable partner for giving advice and suggestions on the choices to make and solutions to adopt. Eurografite is specialized in the production of high density graphite crucibles and dies for continuous casting machines.


Founded in 1990, F.lli Pelusi is the result of fifty years' dedication to the gold and jewellery industry. The company owes its prestige, skills, technical prowess and professionalism to the invaluable experience obtained by working in Italian goldsmith workshops. Moreover, F.lli Pelusi specializes in designing absolutely indispensable machinery for artisan goldsmiths and traditional jewellery studios. These include micro-flame welding machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, bleaching baths and many other devices.


Faro was founded in 2003 by a team of professionals with more than 20 years' experience in designing and crafting CNC milling machines and in developing CAD-CAM-CN software. Our goal is to invent, create and provide our customers with innovative solutions that will improve their performance and the quality of their work. We are located in the northeast of Italy, and our machines, mainly used in the production cycle, often without the need for supervision, are installed all over the world.


FeniQX Technologies is the applied technology division of FeniQX Srl. Based on our consolidated experience in electronics, machine tool design and manufacturing, CAD/CAM software development, 3D printing, system engineering and the study of new materials, the division provides innovative solutions across a broad range of sectors. FeniQX Technologies is able to apply its considerable experience and understanding by offering a range of products and resources to break the barriers in industrial processes.


Garbarino machinery and electronic devices are the result of 25 years' experience obtained working in close contact with the most famous jewellery brands in Valenza and are as indispensable for artisan goldsmiths as they are for those working in the precision mechanics industry. The Company guarantees a prompt and efficient assistance service with a technical staff able to provide all the requested information. Garbarino’s work, carried out conscientiously and with determination, has led the company to grow and expand all over the world.


Luigi Dal Trozzo, established in 1918, manufactures machinery for goldsmiths and silversmiths and represents several leading companies within the sector. In recent years it has specialized in prototyping machines, welding and engraving lasers, devices and materials for casting.


Mario Di Maio SpA, founded in 1919, manufactures machinery and special tools for the engineering industry, particularly those for processing precious metals in the jewellery and silverware field where the company is a world leader. It distributes high quality tools and accessories for goldsmiths and also owns several patents and trademarks. Mario Di Maio's main aim is customer satisfaction through ample warehouse stocks and several sales points where the machinery and tools can always be seen and tested.


La Protofusione began as a split-off of La Forgia Preziosi. The marketplace advantages of La Protofusione stems from being avant-garde in the field of technology, and from a great price/quality ratio.
Our company is based on generations of experience with jewelry and goldsmithery. We have developed with technology, and our technological capabilities include the qualified use of 3D software, rendering, 3D printer, rapid prototyping, sintering of metal and plastic, 3D digital scanning, and reverse engineering, so that we can get the most out of our fusion.


Riacetech Srl provides every casting and goldsmith company worldwide with a wide range of injectors with different features and configurations to satisfy the jewellery and fashion accessory world's every need and more. With its sophisticated and latest generation wax injectors, Riacetech focuses its ongoing research and development on customer service, with the aim of facilitating production planning without ever neglecting product quality guarantees.


Founded in the late 1980s, Ricerca e Misure S.r.l. is a company that specializes in the sale and service of measurement and checking instruments for precision mechanics, with particular attention to the goldsmith and precious gemstone industry. In collaboration with leading instrumentation companies, the Company provides solutions for checking, inspection and measurement issues by providing workshop technicians with technical training and ensuring a prompt and guaranteed after sales support.


V-GER develops, produces and distributes 3D scanners and software. V-GER’s instruments and systems rapidly provide 3D scans, 3D modelling, 3D printing, 3D rendering, reverse engineering, inspection and quality control. V-GER also offers a complete range of services for 3D scanning in any sector. The company's R&D team has developed and produced the ScanRider 1.2 light-structured 3D scanner for the high resolution 3D scanning of jewels and other accessories of various shapes and sizes. ScanRider 1.2 software optimizes data and automatically aligns and fuses the acquired meshes.

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